The latest Girl Genius Kickstarter campaign is now live!

And actually, it’s already funded…it’s the amazing backwards Kickstarter. We’re so pressed for time that I had to get it up and running before we were really ready. The book is ready, though, and at the printer right now, even if the Kickstarter video isn’t…heh. Anyway, the campaign has funded, before I even got a chance to properly announce it everywhere. Please visit and possibly even support!


Just Got Back From Ohio

Over the last weekend, Kaja and I were guests at MarCon, which was a very nice science fiction convention in Columbus, Ohio. The con was fun, and everyone seems to have decided that what we need are fresh baked cookies and/or butter tarts. On the one hand, this is the sort of thing we want to encourage, on the other hand, we are loath to wake up one morning and realize we now weigh a thousand pounds. This is no doubt one of those tricky, modern ethical dilemmas you hear about.

Certainly the high point was watching a performance of The Heterodyne Boys and the Race to the West Pole, which was a commedia dell’ Arte-style performance that required two collaborating troupes to pull it off; ‘The Confused Greenies’, and ‘i Sebastiani’ (the greatest Commedia Dell’ Arte troupe in the entire world®). Both of these fine groups are available for hire for your convention, revel, or corporate management getaway.

And finally, I am sure that S.F. con goers are aware that many cons give away free books. I have actually had extraordinary good luck as far as these giveaway books go, and my luck continues, as I found a copy of Guy Haley’s ‘Champion of Mars’ in my goody bag. I’d never heard of it, even though it came out back in 2012. Possibly because it has one of the worst covers imaginable, and that is saying something. However, once you get past that, you find a fascinating story that bounces back and forth between the early terraforming stage of the colonization of Mars- and seventy thousand years in the future, when mankind is fighting a war against extra-dimensional entities in a Barsoom inspired future. I was hooked from the first page, and was actually annoyed that my plane was landing, because I had to stop reading for awhile. It is an overlooked gem that deserves to be better known! (

Cheyenne is Selling Art!

It has come to our attention that our Hugo Award winning colorist, Cheyenne Wright, is moonlighting in his copious free time, producing art prints. You should take a look, and ideally, pick a few up ( He also sells the occasional original, which is a fine investment and will cause your more artistically educated acquaintances to burn with envy.SquamousIsland_pretext

Some Upcoming Entertainment

img_2038This weekend (September 23-25) we will be at Seattle’s own Steamposium! ( Our local steampunk convention has gotten so large that this year it is moving to the mighty, mighty Washington State Convention Center in downtown Seattle. (not pictured above) Pretty amazing.

In addition to having a table, we will be performing a BRAND NEW Girl Genius Radio Play! This will take place on Saturday, at noon, so I expect everyone to be out of bed by then.

There will also be a passel of amazing musicians, artists, and a thousand and one excellent steampunk Holiday gifts. Hope to see you there!

Krosp is in the Catamancer Game!

Soooo…the folks with the Catamancer online card game (now in Closed Beta) have shared the art for the Krosp card with us, and given us permission to share it with you!krosp-1The whole game is looking hilarious, and really, really gorgeous, and we’re tickled to death that they asked permission to include Krosp. Here he is close up:krospSo regal. Heh.


Ah, Kickstarter obligations…

Hopefully everyone who backed our latest Girl Genius Kickstarter for ‘City of Lightning’, has received their Backer Kits. You need to fill it out so we can actually ship you your loot. We assume that you want the loot you have already paid for, so fill it out already.

I also was part of someone else’s Kickstarter. Zach Wienersmith of ‘Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal’ ( who works much harder than I do, as he gets a new page of hilarity up every goddamed day, made us a stretch goal, in that Kaja, Cheyenne & I created a new, one page Girl Genius comic about said Kickstarter, which was for ‘Single Use Monocles’, an idea we are very jealous we did not come up with ourselves. Anyway, we have done said comic, and Zach has posted it, and you may view it here (, even if you did not back his Kickstarter. Which I think is mighty sporting of him